History of formation and development:
Joint Stock Company Phu Hung VINATEX (Vinatex PHU HUNG), formerly known as the textile branch corporations Vietnam Textile and Garment Group – Phu Hung Fiber Factory was established in early 2014. Through the 5 years of construction and developing, VINATEX PHU HUNG has gradually occupy a position in the supply chain systems worldwide about yarn manufacturing industry. Proud to be the model fiber factory and the core of Vietnam Textile and Garment Group.
Vision, mission:
– Building Vinatex Phu Hung joint stock company to develop a strong and long-lasting, capable of providing customers with products of outstanding quality, diversity, creativity and continuous choice as a worthy choice. Trusted by all customers.
– Striving to achieve high production efficiency and good quality. The associated goal of quality improvement is coupled with output.
Corporate development culture:
– Build businesses with high humanity.
– Labor is the core and valuable asset of the company.
– Love the job, have a positive attitude towards the job.
– Always innovating, constantly learning, working proactively and highly responsible.
We work with enthusiasm – Create products with intelligence – Trading products with the whole mind. So, please trust us and our products.

The products of company are CVCD; CVCM and TCCD with Count ranged between NE20 and NE40. Output per month is estimated at 500 tons of finished fiber. Products exported to the markets of Philippines, Portugal, China, Turkey, …

Currently, the company is preparing for the second phase with the number of 22800 spindles corresponding to 19 spinning machines.